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Our projects are developed with precision and care for all stakeholders.

We are co-founders of Legend Systems Group (LSG), an innovative products and projects development and consulting company. In our projects and travels we continue to discover amazing legends whose time has come. They are stories of renewal - which become realities of sustainability.

Join us on this amazing adventure by choosing to participate in any of our ongoing projects with your skills, enthusiasm and vision!

Melita Rogelj

Melita Rogelj

Intrigued by the process of change — be it personal, societal or technological.
Inspired by human potential to create amazing feats and artifacts.
In awe of nature's magnificence.

Professional background in management of environmental, renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and programs as well as education, training and event organization. Focused on long term solutions, delivering and provoking creative perspectives and new points of view.

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Anton Arkhipov

Anton Arkhipov

Passionate about good music
Protective of great quality
Proud of excellent work

Professional background in renewable energy, real estate, and music. Innovative entrepreneur, able to work in various environments, keen to deliver the best and efficient solutions to any project.

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