The Green Mile Bridge

Unique architectural project for regenerating an old railroad bridge into prime real estate and 300 rooms hotel in the heart of Florida Keys.


The Old Bahia Honda Bridge (OBHB), South Florida, one of Flagler's railroad bridges was recently evaluated to be as solid as the Pyramids. However, it has been unused for many years, from dismantling of the overseas railroad from Miami to Key West. After several years of operation this railroad had to stop running because it was commercially unsuccessful.

Such as it is now, this one mile long, once magnificient bridge serves only as rusting, abandoned reminder of the times past, and as a kind of turist attraction. It is still standing there perhaps only because nobody knows how to make any sound use of it. It could be that it is just a matter of time when the authorities will decide the OBHB to get transformed into scrap iron.


We believe that OBHB, in its remarcable location, can be transformed by using and upgrading it as a base for a unique turist settlement — a long string of various huts, longhouses, bars, restaurants and numerous attractions with appropriate additions for all the confort that immediate environment and creative modern architecture can offer.

The model below shows possible transformation of the OBHB into a large and unique recreation center. The "Green Mile Bridge" will consist of about 300 rooms of different sizes and budgets: single, double, family, duplex and suites equipped with all necessary elements and terraces. In total, up to 600 people will be able to enjoy their stay.

Access to the resort will be available from the both, Eastern and Western sides. The existent parking lots will partially solve the drivers' needs. Other clients will be delivered directly to the resort reception from remotely located parking places by minibus or by boat.

The sewage system will be designed according to the latest technologies with internal treatment. As contribution to environment whole complex will be self-sufficient.

The infrastructure is designed to insure highest quality services to every person within this complex. The noiseless magnetic train will be delivering vacationers along the bridge to their rooms or entertainment areas. Three-four restaurants and five-six bars will be able to provide meals and drinks with available room delivery. Two transparent swimming pools will be located next to the bars. Double level walking paths, stairs or elevators will deliver people at the two wooden, floating platforms (artificial beaches) on the sides of the bridge. The platforms will have an easy access to the sea, will be equipped with snack bars and small marinas for 5-6 visitors boats. The whole complex will be supplied by electricity produced by built in wind turbines and PV panels placed at the roofs of the units.

The same concept can be applied to other old bridges in this or other areas.

Idea, concept: Anton Arkhipov, Melita Rogelj (LSG)