Kovacica Wind Farm

Located 10km from Alibunar, the Kovacica wind farm project has advantages in great wind resource, large area of low quality agricultural land and available grid connection - 220kV OHL with transport capacity of over 200MW. During the preliminary design the ornithologists advised on the layout of some turbines, in order to respect the nesting and migration patterns.

All these elements identified by the LSG team give a chance for Kovacica wind farm project to become the largest wind farm in Serbia.

LSG secured Kovacica wind farm for its client and for time being decided to focus on other projects.

  • Accomplished:
  • Identification and initiation of wind farm
  • Strategic development
  • Land acquisition
  • Preliminary EIA
  • Preliminary layout design
  • Grid connection pre-design
  • Ongoing:
  • Feasibility completion (other party)
  • Permitting (other party)